Smart Sourcing.

We Believe:

Headhunting is a profession. It requires the same level of qualifications, knowledge and experience as most other professions. In fact the best search consultants are often highly qualified, have directly relevant industry experience gained at the most senior levels and possess a wealth of people management, development and resourcing experience. They are skilled at assessing business strategies and organizational requirements and then identifying, qualifying and selecting people the right people

Our Approach:

Planning, Engaging and Communicating.


Introductory Assessment
Following extensive consultation with the client about their needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its culture and business goals, as well as the specific requirements for the appointment.

The Opportunity Package :

The objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile developed. At the same time, QuesTec collates a package of materials that accurately describes the firm and the opportunity to interested parties.

Search Strategy :

A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed with the client, often calling on the vast experience and creativity of the consultant. This is a critical step because it defines the direction of the search. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analysed.

Engaging :

Initial Contact
Potential candidates are thoroughly screened, their qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised.

Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings. A long list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications.

Communicating :

Aside from comprehensive candidate reports, market reaction is also constantly fed back to the client.

Negotiations :

Both the client and the candidate draw on our vast reservoir of knowledge in market compensation and benefits to discuss and structure a competitive and equitable package.


Formal reference checks are undertaken to confirm candidate career achievements.

QuesTec's success is due in part to our honesty and commitment to finding the right candidate. We know our clients intimately as well as having a full understanding of the industry they are in. Based on our in-depth knowledge, we counsel candidates on both the benefits and the possible disadvantages of the position. We are there to support them through their meetings with the client and we help manage the negotiating process.

At QuesTec, we have found that our equal respect for our candidates and our clients is our approach to long term success.