About Us.

QuesTec Consulting was founded in the year 2008 with an objective to serve businesses for their three P's namely People, Processes and Products (Technology) with a fourth P - Professionally. We see ourselves as an dynamic organization with Quality, Speed and Trust as its core values.

Founder; with over 15 years in Large & Mid sized organization’s within the Information Technology domain having pan India and for a few years Global responsibilities I honed my entrepreneurial and professional skills setting up ground up businesses and conceptualizing economically viable business models.

The objective of starting on my own is very well articulated in the company vision statement basically it is premised around Knowledge Capital.

Knowledge Capital is an intangible to be experienced in our business model / conduct as Smarter, Sharper and Surer!

Humbly we accept the little success we have achieved over the past few years to be counted as Preferred Partner with over 70% of our clients ( preferred partner is a very loosely used term nowadays; we consider preferred partner as exclusive partner) .i.e. over 70% of our clients go exclusive with us for our service offerings.

Rakesh Bishnoi